24 April 2018 Copenhagen

Nordic paytech firm Nets announced that is piloting a finger vein payment service at Copenhagen Business School.

Powered by the Bizie platform and using finger vein technology provided by Sthaler, the Fingopay service enables customers at the Copenhagen Business School to pay with a touch of the finger, eliminating the need to use either a payments card or mobile phone. Currently it is exclusively available to customers of Dankort Bank.

For press releases on the new service see :

The development of the pilot was the result of close cooperation between Bizie and Sthaler. The Bizie platform is a high performance processing engine offering sub-second end to end execution of authorised payments and customised workflow. It brings to the retail sector technology that was initially developed for the most demanding financial services markets and uses biometrics as a means of identification and verification.


Key Capabilities

High Volume Transaction Processing

Our core engine is capable of processing many thousands of transactions per second, and can be fine tuned for any type of operation.

Business Intelligence & Reporting

Exploiting the power of consolidated real-time and historic data to proactively analyse and manage businesses more efficiently


Harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence to create new fully automated working practices and procedures

Compliance & Record Keeping

Meeting compliance and reporting standards through the creation of secure access and efficient workflow processes

Hosted & Managed Solutions

Bizie solutions may be deployed within your own environment, or made available as a SAAS solution, managed and hosted in the cloud.


Start Up Solutions

Resilient high throughput backbone solutions for start-ups.

In Store Solutions

Delivering an enhanced customer shopping experience, resulting in increased sales, supported by efficient processes and business intelligence

Identification and Access Management

Managing access to secure areas or confidential data with the use of biometric authentication

Unified Collaboration Solutions

TraderLynk supplies a unified communications solution that provides users with a next generation collaboration experience, while offering substantial costs savings and infrastructure benefits over legacy telephony and chat platforms

Software and API Usage Management

LanLicenser is a powerful software monitoring solution enabling organisations to manage their use of software licences, to minimise costs and ensure compliance with legal obligations