Bizie delivers frictionless customer journeys through the innovative use of technology integration. Bizie on-premise or hosted enterprise solutions include mobile app or kiosk ordering, F&B or retailer click-and-collect including appointments, and order acceptance and fulfilment. Bizie ePOS terminals and kiosks are enabled by a wide range of micro-payment charging solutions, from direct payment gateway integration, contactless credit and debit card payments, to open banking. Bizie's end-to-end functionality is delivered from an integration backbone that also gives access to Bizie stock taking and inventory, loyalty, data and reporting, and marketing modules, or through integration to existing third-party systems and services

Key products from Bizie

Bizie Commuter

Bizie Commuter

Orchestrating the Commuter Journey.

Bizie Q

Bizie Q

A new shopping marketplace experience

Bizie F&b

Bizie F&B

Seamless ordering for f&b and hospitality

Key Capabilities

High Volume Transaction Processing

Our core engine is capable of processing many thousands of transactions per second, and can be fine tuned for any type of operation.

Business Intelligence & Reporting

Exploiting the power of consolidated real-time and historic data to proactively analyse and manage businesses more efficiently


Harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence to create new fully automated working practices and procedures

Compliance & Record Keeping

Meeting compliance and reporting standards through the creation of secure access and efficient workflow processes

Hosted & Managed Solutions

Bizie solutions may be deployed within your own environment, or made available as a SAAS solution, managed and hosted in the cloud.


Exploiting the power of technology integration

With many years of software integration and development expertise gained in the most demanding high throughput industry verticals, we specialise in ensuring that businesses have the technology platforms that will enable them to scale up their operations and overcome potential bottlenecks.

At the core of our solution is a complex event processing engine capable of delivering a low latency high performance platform that can handle many thousands of real-time 'interactions'. These interactions might be events within an entire business process or workflow, where value can be created not only by the timely processing of those events, but also by the use of the data that each interaction represents.

To capture the entire workflow may require integration to any number of internal and external systems; our experience of working with a huge variety of in-house, external vendor and start-up systems can be brought to bear to deliver bespoke solutions rapidly as businesses experience rapid growth.


Our consultative approach has enabled us to work closely with many clients to deliver an ideal solution to an evolving landscape where challenges of increased business have been met and overcome. The development services provided to clients use developers that have many years of experience of producing solutions addressing the most complex integration and workflow issues.


Bizie collaborates with a number of partners for infrastructure and hosting solutions, and for the delivery of bespoke solutions we enjoy a wide variety of relationships in a number of industry verticals.

Our partners include;

  • Microsoft
  • Sthaler


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Phone: +44 (0) 20 7382 4150