Single Customer Platform that delivers an Omni-channel Marketplace experience to your customers

  • Single platform merges all customer interaction across concessions & brands – one place for your customers to access all your services.
  • White-label mobile, web-based & kiosk applications – create seamless access for customers online across any device and on-site at purpose built kiosks.
  • Supports identity, real-time ordering, payment & loyalty solutions – a comprehensive range of client services can be combined into a single offering using the Bizie platform.
  • Flexible payment journeys with payment gateway integration – create logical and efficient payment processes where payments flows can be segmented across multiple card processing and banking providers.
  • End-to-end F&B & general retail ordering suite to drive additional sales – delight customers with an in-house ordering system that replicates the home delivery experience they are used to.
  • Multi-site stock-taking, management & audit – control all elements of your business including staff allocation and monitoring.
  • Real-time sales profitability monitoring & reporting – open a window on sales data that drives efficiency and focussed customer interaction in the most profitable areas of your business.
  • Biometric ID solutions for customer registration & ongoing engagement – advanced identity solutions provide biometric identity and payments capabilities: customers can pay by simply scanning their finger.
  • Business Process Automation across payments, retail & gaming industries – take your business to the next level while identifying and cutting costs.

Introducing Bizie - Revolutionising Retail​

The new app allows enhanced customer experience at the touch of a button. ​

  • Set limits on the number of concurrent visitors based on space available.
  • Customers use the Bizie to see real-time availability at service providers or specific stores.
  • Customers use Bizie to book appointments with retailers, preventing the need to queue.
  • Bizie can also manage the booking of mall services such as car parking, wheelchair hire etc.
  • Bizie will work out a timetable and book appointments based on the stores a customer wants to visit and for how long.
  • Bizie enables customers to modify, extend and cancel appointments as necessary.

A new shopping marketplace experience.

Creating a new shopping experience through advanced customer engagement.
Customers use the Bizie to book appointments. Bizie automates an efficient journey around the shopping centre to suit the customer's agenda. ​

*Brands are provided for representative purposes only and do not necessarily reflect current Bizie partners.

Get organised.
Get Bizie.

75% of customers would be more likely to visit a shop or service provider if they could book an appointment in advance.

80% of customers are not willing to wait more than 15 minutes to enter a retail store.

  • Prevent loss of customers who don't want to queue whilst adhering to government regulations.
  • Enable customers to share information with retailers in advance so they can optimise the customer experience upon store arrival.
  • Use push marketing to drive footfall during quieter times. Specifically target customers based on prior engagements or proximity to store.
  • Drive click and collect orders through Bizie and allow customers to pre-order products.
  • Powerful data that allows improved resourcing plans and ability to drive business during quieter times by offering promotions to targeted customers.
  • Dynamic controls to adjust capacity or other variables depending on traffic levels.

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Who we are

Founded by its Managing Director Peter Kriskinans, at the core of Bizie’s product is a complex event-processing engine capable of delivering millions of concurrent, personalized and omnichannel interactions.

The team at Bizie has vast experience running real-time customer transaction applications and providing consultancy across multiple industries including Financial Services, Technology, F&B and Hospitality.

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