Orchestrating the Commuter Journey

Bizie, a provider of innovative micro-payment solutions, launches the new Bizie Commuter mobile app platform

  • Enables frictionless commuter journeys with easy access to the Bizie marketplace to buy tickets, services & products while travelling.
  • The Bizie app is available for IOS, Android & browsers. Merchant terminals facilitate end-to-end solutions including order acceptance, ePOS and kiosks, with payment integration.
  • Real-time integration to National Rail timetable for train updates. Automatic adjustment of time-based orders linked to journey times.
  • Push notifications keep customers constantly updated during the entire journey.
  • Supports service provider appointment booking & F&B or retailer click-and-collect, with all orders and receipts in one app.

Transforming the commuting experience

  • Frictionless commuting streamlined & multi-functional marketplace access creates a unique customer experience : automating the new era of commuting
  • Maximize revenue opportunities push marketing to customers highlights services and products at a single transport hub: Bizie can support extra services such as prepaid parking, EV charging, & additional services relevant to the commuting day
  • Promote new services & products new marketplace offerings are easy to create and promote, with an ability to target ads and/or vouchers to specific commuter groups, time of day, location.
  • Automation & live information flow improves operations Real-time and historical data on commuter movements and purchases opens a window across commuter activity by operator, merchants and customers for predictive data analysis
  • Simple app can be used as Bizie branded or white-label version creates ability to on-board operators & merchants very quickly, improves operator & merchant experience through common procedures and marketing platform.

Creating frictionless journeys for commuters and merchants

The Bizie app allows commuters to plan their daily journey in advance, making new or repeat orders and bookings for the everyday tasks that are made easy. As Bizie adds more service providers and merchants to the marketplace, commuters are offered an ever widening range of activities and products to choose from. Merchants and service providers who join the marketplace enjoy instant access to an ever increasing number of target customers, and can advertise and sell to a ready made customer whose daily commute is made easier and richer as an experience.


Bizie's proven experience of integrating to a range of specialist systems allows new merchants and service providers to be onboarded quickly and efficiently. Bizie provides API connectvity to ticketing and transport operators, timetables, car parking including ANPR cameras, payment gateways, and appointment and service booking services. The Bizie solution provides an end-to-end merchant solution including POS, payments, marketing, and stock and inventory and price control.

Who we are

Founded by its Managing Director Peter Kriskinans, at the core of Bizie’s product is a complex event-processing engine capable of delivering millions of concurrent, personalized and omnichannel interactions.

The team at Bizie has vast experience running real-time customer transaction applications and providing consultancy across multiple industries including Financial Services, Technology, F&B and Hospitality.

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